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Roof Link steps up for veteran; a story from the start of 2020 that outlines what we do best here at Roof Link – take great care of people!

It’s an unfortunate truth in our industry that there are plenty of contractors who are less than trustworthy.  As a legitimate, honest and local business it is something that we strive to prove is never the case for our company.   Here’s the story of Roof Link stepping up for a local veteran in need. When Roof Link’s owner, IkeJon Nissen, saw the news story about Mr. James giving his insurance check to a contractor that then disappeared, he immediately wanted to help.  He wanted to set the record straight that there are reliable contractors who are putting customers best interests ahead of their own.  He contacted 7 News right away and within a week of the story airing, Roof Link installed a free roof and gutters for Mr. and Mrs. James.  On Mr. James’ 80th birthday, the entire Roof Link team met to wish him a happy birthday and thank him for allowing our company to set someone else’s wrong right.

Below you can see the full story of one of our best parts of 2020; Roof Link steps up for veteran.

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