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The fires here in Colorado this year, like the Cameron Peak fire which has become the state’s largest fire in history, have put the impact of wildfire on all of our minds. Did you know your roofing system is the most vulnerable area of ignition in the event of a wildfire? Installing a roofing system with a shingle fire rating of Class A is a big step in protecting your home from wildfire.

Owens Corning Duration Storm and Duration Flex products aren’t just Class IV Impact Resistant shingles; they also carry a shingle fire rating of Class A.

Sustainability was the main reason Roof Link began installing only Class IV Impact Resistant shingles when we opened in 2015; we want our roofs to last our customers for decades. Roof Link has always installed a hail-resistant shingle for our customers to best protect them from the most common source of roof damage here in Colorado: hail. Along with protecting them from hail damage, the shingles we install also protect our customers’ homes from wildfire with a Class A fire rating.

While nothing can prepare or protect our homes from everything, and nothing is hail or fire proof, we rest assured that we are doing our best to protect our customers and in turn, our beautiful state.

Class IV Impact Resistant shingles are tested and proven to be able to withstand a simulation of hail with a 2-inch steel ball dropped from 20-feet onto the shingle surface without sustaining damage to the shingle’s backing.  To learn more about Class IV Impact Resistant shingle designation as well as SBS modified shingles, click here.

For more information on shingle fire ratings, or an inspection and evaluation of your current roofing system, contact us today!  

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