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It’s much more than a roof; it is protection for your home.  Why choosing your roofing product matters.

When you work with Roof Link for the replacement of your roofing system, one of our main goals is to educate you on your options in selecting your roofing system.  It is more than a roof, it is the biggest protection you can offer your home and one of the larger investments you will make for your home.  While color might be an important cosmetic factor, what those shingles are designed to do and the material they’re made of is highly important.  So what are your most cost effective options for the most protective roofing system? 

Let’s talk about them! 

SBS modified shingles offer the highest level of ClassIV roofing protection at an affordable premium.  While the shingles look the same to their counterpart standard ClassIV shingles, they outperform in protection.  CertainTeed does a great job of explaining what SBS modified shingles are here

Owen’s Corning offers the True Definition Flex roofing system.  A few things that that FLEX offers: 

Duration FLEX™ shingles are specifically formulated to lay flat more quickly than standard shingles in all weather conditions for a clean, finished look.

          • Feature SureNail® Technology which gives a 42% better nail-pull resistance against the wind versus                     standard shingles.
          • Have built-in flexibility to help resist cracking and tearing, in all-weather installation conditions —
            over 10% stronger tear strength than traditional shingles.
          • Lays flat faster than standard shingles.
          • Offer rubber-like flexibility to withstand expansion and contraction stresses and helps minimize loss of               granules which help to protect the shingle against UV.
          • Help absorb the energy of the impact of hail or storm debris; have the highest impact rating possible;                 UL 2218 Class 4 and may qualify for a homeowner insurance discount*.


CertainTeed offers their Climate Flex line of shingles.

ClimateFlex technology blends rubberizing polymers with our premium roofing asphalt to create a tough and flexible product that provides long-lasting performance against the elements.



When it comes time for your roof to be replaced, you can count on Roof Link’s Project Managers to educate you on your options to best protect your home.  In our climate, hail and wind are our largest threats and we want to be sure to install a roofing system to last for years to come.  


If you have any questions, you can always contact us, we are happy to be your local trusted roofing source! 


More Than A Roof

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