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If you’ve lived here longer than a summer or two, you’ve realized that hail is just a part of our beautiful Colorado summers. As a homeowner, it can get pretty daunting to deal with. So, how can we be hail resistant? Aside from keeping your home well-maintained (paint in good condition will weather a storm better than worn paint, for example); what else can you do?

Taking the opportunity when a storm hits to choose the best roofing material is a big step in protecting your home from the next inevitable storm. The City of Fort Collins has made Class-IV Impact Resistant shingles mandatory on all replaced roofs as of January 2019, and it’s likely the surrounding municipalities will follow suit in the next few years. As the info graphic shows, a Class-IV shingle is a shingle that’s been shown to perform against a 2” steel ball dropped from 20’ above. Within the Class-IV shingles there is also the option to go with an SBS rubber modified shingle, which in essence is more rubber than asphalt and therefore allows more bounce and give during a hailstorm. Here at Roof Link, we use Owen’s Corning and CertainTeed products, and the Duration Flex and Northgate shingle are our SBS modified option. While this option is an upgrade from a standard Class-IV shingle, the protection it lends you from the next storm is highly likely to be worth it.

Overall, we can’t avoid hail here in this area. Having a knowledgeable insurance agent helping you protect your home, an honest and dependable contractor like Roof Link who’s here to stay and keeping your property well-maintained condition is your best bet at keeping damage to a minimum over the years.

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For more information on SBS-modified shingles, please see this article from CertainTeed

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