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Stepping Up For a Local Veteran & Showing What Roof Link Is All About

It’s an unfortunate truth in our industry that there are plenty of contractors who are less than trustworthy.  As a legitimate, honest and local business it is something that we strive to prove is never the case for our company.   When Roof Link’s owner, IkeJon Nissen, saw the news story about Mr. James giving his insurance check to a contractor that then disappeared, he immediately wanted to help.  He wanted to set the record straight that there are reliable contractors who are putting your best interests ahead of their own.  He contacted 7 News right away and within a week of the story airing, Roof Link installed a free roof and gutters for Mr. and Mrs. James.  On his 80th birthday, the entire Roof Link team met with Mr. James to wish him a happy birthday and thank him for allowing our company to set someone else’s wrong right.

How Can We Be More Hail Resistant?

If you’ve lived here longer than a summer or two, you’ve realized that hail is just a part of our beautiful Colorado summers. As a homeowner, it can get pretty daunting to deal with. So, how can we better protect ourselves against it? Aside from keeping your home well-maintained (paint in good condition will weather a storm better than worn paint, for example); what else can you do?

Taking the opportunity when a storm hits to choose the best roofing material is a big step in protecting your home from the next inevitable storm. The City of Fort Collins has made Class-IV Impact Resistant shingles mandatory on all replaced roofs as of January 2019, and it’s likely the surrounding municipalities will follow suit in the next few years. As the info graphic shows, a Class-IV shingle is a shingle that’s been shown to perform against a 2” steel ball dropped from 20’ above. Within the Class-IV shingles there is also the option to go with an SBS rubber modified shingle, which in essence is more rubber than asphalt and therefore allows more bounce and give during a hailstorm. Here at Roof Link, we use CertainTeed products, and the Northgate shingle is our SBS modified option. While this option is an upgrade from a standard Class-IV shingle, the protection it lends you from the next storm is highly likely to be worth it.

Overall, we can’t avoid hail here in this area. Having a knowledgeable insurance agent helping you protect your home, an honest and dependable contractor like Roof Link who’s here to stay and keeping your property well-maintained condition is your best bet at keeping damage to a minimum over the years.

For more information on SBS-modified shingles, please see this article from CertainTeed


Class IV Shingles and SBS Modified Class IV


By now, if you’ve had a hailstorm in your area in the last 5 years, chances are pretty good that you have been talked to about Class IV shingles.  A Class IV (or “impact resistant”) shingle protects your home better against hail and in most cases can save you money on your homeowners insurance premiums.  Here at Roof Link, we believe in selling the best products we can, which is why we choose to primarily install the upgraded Northgate shingle by CertainTeed and Owen’s Corning TruDefinition® Duration FLEX™ shingles that feature SureNail® Technology.  Now, there is not a shingle out there that can promise that your roof will be hail-proof…but the Northgate and Duration Flex are the top of the line architectural Class IV shingle.  The shingles’ base are more rubber than asphalt, allowing them

more flexibility and give during a storm and the shingle itself is heavier than all of it’s in-class competition.

If you have any concerns about your roof, or any questions that we can assist with, please contact our office directly.   Our staff is a mix of prior insurance adjusters, previous insurance agents and contractors alike; you can always count on us for reliable, honest information about your home.

What’s the Deal With Recoverable Depreciation?

Did you have your roof inspected by your insurance carrier last year after one of the many storms?  Did they give you a check and talk to you about Actual Cash Value?  Almost all insurance carriers handle claims in this way; depending on the age of your roof they give you a certain amount of the money upfront (the “Actual Cash Value” or “ACV”).  They come to this by depreciating the entire amount they’ve allowed by the age of the product and the life expectancy.  If you have a 15 year old roof that is a shingle rated to “live” 30 years, you have 50% of the money (less your deductible since that’s your responsibility) that they classify as the “ACV” and give you upfront.  Now, in many cases you have the opportunity to get back the money withheld (the “Replacement Cost Value” or “RCV”), but most carriers require that you have the work completed in one year or 365 days from when they initially gave you the ACV money.  So for most of us affected by 2018’s storms, that time is coming up mid-summer of 2019.  If you haven’t scheduled your roof’s replacement, the weather is getting warmer and now is the time!  Contact our offices at 303-709-7484 or 970-646-2569 and let us help you get scheduled and make sure that you don’t miss the timeline of your RCV money or feel the pinch of trying to schedule against a tight timeline.

Not sure about your property or if you had damage last year?  Give us a call and we will happily have one of our Project Managers come out and inspect.  As always, you can expect an honest, thorough inspection of your home from our team here at Roof Link.  We would be honored to have the opportunity to earn your business.

Happy Spring!

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!  We here at Roof Link are thankful for a successful 2017 and look forward to continuing to serve the community’s roofing needs in 2018 and the years to come.

One of the things that sets Roof Link apart is our desire to help customers – and not just by giving them an excellent quality roof!  Our staff have collectively been in the roofing and insurance realm for the better part of fifteen years and are happy to help you navigate the process after a storm.  Our goal is to make your roof repair process the least of your worries; we are happy to meet with your insurance adjuster and we are always available to answer questions and make sure that the roof repair process is clear to you.

All of our roof replacements come with a 5-year workmanship guarantee.  There is a reason that most of Northern Colorado’s largest insurance agents trust Roof Link with their customers – it’s our excellent customer service! Roof Link’s owner and employees work and live in the communities we serve and our goal is to treat you like a neighbor, not just another job.

We hope 2018 brings wonderful things for you all; in the event that it also brings a hailstorm your way, you will find the link for the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) article “Tips to stay money smart after storm damage” here for your convenience.  As any seasoned resident of the Northern Colorado area will tell you – it hails here!  According to a May 2016 National Insurance Crime Bureau report, Colorado had the second highest number of hail claims in the US from 2013-2015 (182,591), second only to Texas.  Living in this area, it is important to have a roofing contractor like Roof Link that you know and trust.



What makes Roof Link different from the rest?

When a homeowner is searching for a contractor, a lot of folks want to know what makes a certain company different from the rest.  Here at Roof Link, we really ARE different.  We keep customers at the forefront of everything we do!  Your satisfaction with our work is what we pride ourselves on.  From the initial contact with our Estimators through to the final paperwork once the job is complete, we will strive to go above and beyond.  Why?  Because that is what we believe in & that work ethic is what has grown our business.

Want to work with someone who listens to your concerns, respects your home and makes sure the job is done right?  Give us a call!  We work throughout the Northern Colorado area – Berthoud, Longmont, Boulder, Loveland, Fort Collins, Greeley, Windsor and all surrounding areas.

Knowing your rights as a homeowner

Unfortunately due to some unethical practices in the roofing industry, needing your roof replaced can be a scary thing as a homeowner.  At Roof Link, we strongly believe in your rights as a homeowner & we want to help you understand them when it comes to your roofing experience. We are committed to working our hardest to give you the best experience possible.  Excellent customer service from our knowledgeable and friendly staff is what Roof Link offers every customer, every time.

Below you will find the Colorado Senate Bill 38 that outlines your rights when it comes to roofing.  This is provided by the Colorado Roofing Association to assist homeowners who have hired a roofing professional to complete roofing services.

Colorado Senate Bill 38

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